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Gas prices are going through the roof and everyone is looking for an alternative. This is a catch-all website for ideas, many of which will be or have been tested by Phil Valentine, along with discussion boards on various alternative fuels subjects. 

This site is for people who want to get off the pipeline and stop sending billions of our dollars overseas to fund regimes that hate our guts.  Are we green here at  You darn right.  We're all about finding ways to put more green in our pockets instead of our tanks so we can enjoy the American dream to the fullest. 

At this point, there is no silver bullet for our foreign energy dependence problems.  This site is dedicated to finding viable solutions.

Phil Valentine has set out to make his own fuel in an effort to demonstrate that it can be done by any ordinary person who has a mind to get off the pipeline.  Phil has collected the used vegetable oil himself, refined it and is running it in his own vehicle and chronicling his progress on these pages. Keep checking back to follow Phil through this process.

Phil's driving a restored 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel named Bennie.  You can meet Bennie by clicking below.  Buying a diesel automobile and making your own biodiesel isn't for everyone.  That's why we have links below for all sorts of different ideas and we will be updating these links and adding more. Feel free to click below and e-mail Phil with your comments, questions and suggestions.  It's all of us pooling our ideas and that old American ingenuity that will see us through these tough times of high gas prices.


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